7 Reasons Why You Have Less Sex

I wonder why you often hit the leaves with your honey. Find out why, so you can exercise more sex tonight.

Your relationship is getting warmer. You have sex at any time you can sneak in. But after a while, the frequency of those days in the middle of the night, not to mention the awake and vibrant text messages, began to diminish.

What happened? While it is natural for the emotion of the new relationship to decrease, if you have sex less than once a month, there may be other factors in the game. And the reasons why you do not get as much as I used to surprise you. From stress to overdose of technology, here are seven common sex killers and tips on how to overcome them.

You are very tired

Physical fatigue can make a number in sexual desire. Says Philip A. “You may be so physically and mentally exhausted that the idea of ​​sex seems discouraging,” said Rutter, a Ph.D. in psychology in Philadelphia.

Solve? Give morning sex a swirl. “Men usually wake up with an erection, so half the work is over,” says Dr. Rutter.

You are stuck in the routine.

“It’s perfectly normal for you and your partner to relax and vanish at levels that attract you,” says Rutter. If your partner does not turn you around as you are used to, it may be because you are trapped in a sexual routine. Take the reins and add some spices to your routine. Think about seeing the couple’s pornographic images together, interpreting roles, using sex toys or just trying a new job.

You bathe a lot

Alcohol and sex have a complex relationship: “Surprisingly, while a drink or a drink can put you in a bad mood, drinking too much can prevent a woman from having an orgasm,” says Rutter. “For men, many drinks can cause erectile dysfunction or ineffective ejaculation.”

When you get angry, you can both sleep well, but there is a risk that your sex will be weak (and may result in poor decisions about STD prevention and pregnancy). For the best sex, stay with a maximum of two drinks.

You are very tuned until you are turned on

Are you always on your smartphone, send an email, check sports scores or surf the Internet? If you enter technology every night, you can trust sex less. Not only is it difficult for a couple to initiate sex, while the other is distracted by text or reality television, but technology also replaces intimate moments. If you want to improve the exercise of love, keep in mind that your bed should be used only for two purposes: sleeping and having sex.

You Will not sleep with you.

Do you feel less attractive lately? It can have a great impact on your sex life. “When men and women do not feel good about themselves, their desire diminishes drastically,” says Rutter. What can you do about it? If your partner feels overwhelmed, share what you think is most attractive (even if the scar is hard to find on the back of your ears). If you are the one at the receiving end, allow yourself to accept the courtesy and let it work.

You are very stressful

No matter what makes you tense, stressful events that occur outside the bedroom can kill the mood inside the bedroom. “We can not physically and emotionally open up to sex if we think mentally about stressful events,” says Rutter. Talk to your partner before going to bed to keep those feelings away from your chest. After that, you can relax and enjoy your mood for love.

You have bone to choose from.

Even small spots can erase the possibility of having sex tonight. Rother says that couples who have the best sex life are not deceived. So tell your partner what bothers you before crashing together.

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