Study Blames The ‘South’ Diet For Black Health Problems

Ardor Keto Diet Black Americans face higher risks of high blood pressure than whites, and a new study suggests that the “southern” diet is largely to blame.

Experts have long known that blacks are more likely to die from heart disease and stroke than whites, and that high blood pressure rates account for much of this disparity. But, why are blacks likely to have high blood pressure?

The new study suggests that the main factor is the traditional southern diet, with fried foods, nuts and other foods that are tasty but questionable.

In fact, the diet accounted for more than half the increased risk of hypertension among black men, compared to white men. Among women, the eating pattern was less important, but nonetheless accounted for almost 30 percent of the disparity between black and white women, according to the results.

Lead researcher George Howard of the University of Alabama at Birmingham said the diet had a critical impact on blood pressure regardless of race.

But this study, he said, turned out to be responsible for much of the black and white ethnic variation in high blood pressure.

“We were absolutely surprised at how important this factor is,” said Howard.

This could be considered good news, he added.

Howard noted that “the diet can be changed.” “This is not all because of basic genetics or other factors that can not be changed.”

The research is based on nearly 6,900 elderly people in the United States who have been followed for almost nine years. At first, they were 62 years old, on average, free of high blood pressure.

At the end of the study, 46 percent of the black participants had been diagnosed with high blood pressure, compared to a third of the eggs.

When Howard’s team sought explanations for this contradiction, they found that the southern diet seemed to be the most important.

The effect was clearer among men. Howard said there was not a big difference in BMI or waist size between black men and white men. Southern food, on the other hand, showed 52 percent of racial disparities in the risk of high blood pressure.

The image was something different for women. Black women had an average body mass index and waist size higher than white women, both key factors in high blood pressure. (The BMI is a measure of weight by length).

Forskolin Keto Cycle However, the southern diet showed a 29 percent racial disparity in the risk of high blood pressure in women.

Diet is important regardless of any effect on the weight and size of the belt. Therefore, according to the researchers, their food components can suffer many faults.

In addition to fried foods, traditional southern diets are abundant in processed meats, eggs, high-fat milk, sugary cakes and bread.

“There’s no doubt that the Southern diet is like sodium pills,” Howard said, adding that he grew up on his own.

In addition, it lacks fruits, vegetables, cereals rich in fiber, healthy fats and other foods that help maintain cardiovascular health.

The study was published on October 2 in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Cordialis Msora-Kasago is a nutritionist and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She too, was surprised by the results.

“The figures were really amazing,” said Misura Kasugo. “This is good news, because the diet can be modified.”

This does not mean that people should abandon their comfort foods to become vegetarians, added Msora-Kasago, who was not involved in the study.

Ketozin “The Southern diet is not just a way of eating,” he said. “It’s called” food for the soul “because it’s part of the culture and tradition.”

Fortunately, healthier versions of the southern favorites could be produced. People can reduce salt by spicing herbs and spices instead. You can reduce the amount of meat on the dishes and add more vegetables.

“It’s important that these changes fit into a person’s lifestyle to be sustainable,” Kasurakao said.

Howard said that African-Americans face “extraordinary risks” of heart disease and stroke, indicating that this was largely due to high blood pressure.

“Even preventing high blood pressure,” he said, “is the key to reducing this disparity.”

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