Sweeteners Without Calcium Do Not Help You Lose Weight.

Keto Ignite If you think that switching from sugar to a store without calories can help you have a healthier weight and lose weight, think again.

After years of research, there is still very weak evidence that non-traditional localities can be useful, according to German researchers who analyzed data from 56 studies with adults or children.

Alkatone Keto The researchers analyzed a variety of health outcomes that include weight, blood sugar, oral health, cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, mood and behavior.

“Most health outcomes do not seem to differ between non-local groups and those without sugar,” concluded the team led by Joerg Mervol of the University of Freiburg.

Vexgen Keto The group added that the amount of unsweetened sweeteners used does not seem to be important.

The study found that children found no evidence of weight gain among those who used unsweetened sweeteners or sugar.

Vexgen Keto There was also no evidence of any effect of sugar-free sweeteners on overweight or obese adults or on children who were actually trying to lose weight.

The researchers observed that in the few studies that showed a moderate health benefit from the use of sweeteners that did not contain lime, the population size was very small or the duration of the experiment was too short to reach conclusive conclusions.

Teal Farms Keto No American nutritionist surprised the results.

“Regardless of how they are marketed, [unsweetened sweeteners] are chemicals or sugars modified from their natural form to fulfill a functional purpose of taste,” nutritionist Sharon Zerabi said.

The taste only improves food or drinks to increase consumption, “said Zerabi, who runs the obesity program at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

Keto Tone However, a group that represents sweeteners without sugar differed in the results.

“Despite claims by the authors to the contrary, high-quality scientific evidence shows that consumption of low-calorie sweeteners does not produce a decrease in body weight, does not lead to weight gain and does not produce cravings,” said the Calorie Control Board in a statement.

The Board noted two previous important reviews, published in the International Journal of Obesity and in the American Journal of Medical Nutrition, which came to the opposite conclusion of the new German analysis.

Radiantly Slim Meerpohl’s team did not rule out that unsweetened sweeteners may show some benefits in future trials. They believe it would be better to conduct longer studies to determine if these products are a safe and effective alternative to sugar.

Al-Zarabi said he saw no help with no-calorie sweeteners in his practice and even potential harm.

“I work with a wide range of patients with health problems, I make those who suffer from anorexia take Diet Cook every day, they can not consume one pound, the obese diabetics take the same drinks with uncontrolled blood sugar levels and weight loss difficulties, “she said.

“It’s not specifically diet soda (made from alternative sweeteners) responsible for its health consequences, and more are other sources of calories and sugar,” said al-Zarabi. “We must analyze the whole diet and lifestyle to conclude any sufficient evidence of sugars, nutritious or not, and influence the disease.”

The report was funded by the World Health Organization and published online on January 2 at the BMJ.

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