The First Test of Male Fertility in Stores.

Men can now skip the clinic visit, at least temporarily, and check the sperm count in their homes.

According to the Association of Urology of America, one in six couples in the United States has a problem with pregnancy. Although men and women are more likely to be the source of fertility problems for the couple, the harsh reality is that women are more likely to undergo multiple tests and overcome concerns about why they can not conceive, while some men bend and flirt, refuse to do anything. As simple as controlling your sperm because it is “embarrassing” or “uncomfortable”.

Well, guys, those excuses are not going to fly. As of April, SpermCheck, the first sperm collection kit approved by the FDA and approved by the FDA, is sold for sale in selected pharmacies throughout the country. SpermCheck allows men to determine if their swimmer population is normal or low, all from the comfort of their home (or at least the rest of the bathroom). The SpermCheck manufacturer says the group is more than 98% accurate, according to a clinical study that compares the group’s results with the results of traditional laboratory tests.

The test was developed by Dr. John Hare, director of the Center for Cell Biology at the University of Virginia, who is now the scientific director and head of Sperm Check, which is easy to use. However, the company insists on its website ( that its product is “the first step in the test of male fertility and can help men to know whether or not a more complete clinical evaluation of fertility. ” In fact, it should be borne in mind that even if the test gives a normal result (which indicates at least 20 million sperm per milliliter), factors other than the number of sperm can affect male fertility. The shape of the sperm is abnormal and the genetic defects are just two other possible causes of male fertility problems.

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