Women Exposed To Violence Can Have More Serious Sex

The study found that those who suffer from multiple types of violence have more partners, unprotected sex.

Women who have experienced or are victims of violence may be more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior, according to a new study.

The study included 481 women treated in a clinic for sexually transmitted diseases that were evaluated to determine the history of violence and current sexual risk behaviors, such as the presence of a large number of couples or unprotected sex.

The researchers classified women as low risk of violence (39 percent), those who were exposed mainly to violence in the community (20 percent) and those who suffered child abuse (23 percent) who were victims of multiple forms of violence 18 percent).

Researchers at the Behavioral and Preventive Medicine Centers at Miriam Hospital in Providence, R. Women who have experienced violence in the community and who have experienced multiple forms of violence have the highest levels of risky sexual behavior.

“Unfortunately, our results show that many women have to deal with multiple forms of violence and that some groups of violent experiences expose women to the risk of contracting HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases or unplanned pregnancies, not to mention the risk of violence itself, “said Jennifer. Walsh in a hospital press release.

According to the researchers, these findings offer a new insight into the relationship between exposure to violence and risky sexual behavior, especially among low-income women who may be exposed to high rates of violence.

“Given the links between multiple violence and sexual risk, physicians who work with women who are exposed to violence or who are at risk of contracting HIV / STIs may need to consider the overlap between the two to influence the health consequences. sexual, “said Walsh. . .

“Combining different types of violence suggests that doctors who work with women who have experienced some type of violence should ask about other types of violence to get a complete picture,” he added.

The study recently appeared in the journal Violence Psychology.

Although researchers found a link between violent experiences and risky sexual behavior, they did not establish a cause-effect relationship.

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